The Signs of a Cheating Spouse are many and just because someone exhibits a few of these doesn't mean they are cheating. For example a person who suddenly looses some weight and buys a new wardrobe could be doing so for the health and family benefits alone.

However a person whom looses weight, buys a new wardrobe, changes their appearance greatly (often to look younger), starts wearing cologne or changes to a new cologne, suddenly changes their habits in secrecy, buys a second cell phone, attends events alone, has the mail changed to a PO Box, opens checking accounts only in their name is exhibiting greatly  the tell-tell signs of someone whom is cheating or about to separate from the relationship.

You should at the very least get information that you can use to better make decision of what to do next.

Other Signs:

At the beginning of the affair, the cheating spouse is more attentive to their spouse,

generally because they feel guilty for cheating.

Takes phone calls into another room

Strange calls to the house and when you answer the other party suddenly hangs up

Strange new fragrances on clothing

Lipstick on clothing

Lack of interest in hobbies or activities you did together

New hobbies or activities

Changes in the amount of cash that is carried

Behavior and attitude changes


New credit cards in their name only 

Intution, your gut feeling that something isn't right

Unexplained charges to existing credit cards

Sudden change in travel habits for work.

Extra hours at work, but it doesn't show up on paycheck